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Update Your Flexible Gas Connector

Gas appliances are connected to the home fuel gas supply lines via a flexible metal gas connector.  These flexible connectors are made of corrugated metal tubing.  Newer models are made from stainless steel or brass that has been coated with plastic or epoxy.  Most older connectors, however, were made from uncoated brass.


Some of these uncoated brass connectors have a serious design flaw. Solder was used to braze, or join the flexible brass tubing to the end pieces. Over time, the brazing can fail, causing a serious gas leak. This could lead to an explosion or fire.


It is very difficult to see whether a flexible connector has been brazed, so don't take any chances. Only a qualified, licensed plumber or contractor should check your connector and replace an uncoated brass connector with a new stainless steel connector or a new plastic coated brass connector.  Do not attempt to check the appliance yourself.  Moving the appliance, even slightly, can cause the complete failure of one of these older, weakened connectors.


These brazed uncoated brass connectors have not been made since 1976, but many are still in use. Flexible connectors are not meant to last a lifetime. Older units can wear out from too much moving, bending, or from corrosion. The older these connectors get, the greater the possibility of failure.  Newer units should be replaced approximately every 10 years.


If you suspect a gas leak you should leave the house immediately and call your gas supplier from a neighbor’s house.  Do not use your cell phone inside the house and do not turn on any electrical devices.


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